Costco China Shanghai store rew the BIGGEST crowd ever in the entire retail industry

Fist Costco China Shanghai store opened recently, it drew the BIGGEST crowd ever in the entire retail industry, delivering the strong message CHINESE Community trust Costco.

Rather than using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, which are popular social media platforms in the US, Chinese community use WeChat to communicate and connect.

By actively communicating with Chinese (TW/HK) community via their social media community, Costco can

• deliver the Costco’s daily deal in an accessible and acceptable by Chinese community in North America.
• Create a community and a sense of belonging between Costco and Chinese community
• Give Costco members opportunities to share Costco deal, tips, photos, and more, which will be spread via WeChat network with nearly 1 billion active users.

WeChat Minim program is 100% hassle-free for Costco and for Chinese community members.

Want to find out how WeChat Mini Program can help your business reach Chinese community in North America, contact us.

Daily News – Jack Ma retired TODAY!

Jack Ma retired from Alibaba!

China Teachers’ Day, Sept. 10th, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, retired!

Do you know Jack Ma BIG moment?
1. 1984, accepted by college after being turned twice;
2. 1995, heard about Internet for the first time;
3. 1999, Alibaba 18 founders meeting;
4. 2003, ‘Taobao’ was born;
5. 2003, ‘Alipay’ was alive;
6. 2005, Yahoo invested in Alibaba
7. 2009, ‘Single Day’ sale started!
8. 2013, IPO in USA Stock Market!
9. 2019, retire TODAY!

Opportunities from China’s Booming E-Commerce Market

Online shopping become very common around the world nowadays. Oversea sales from Chinese merchants also increase rapidly. They create huge opportunities for online-payment, oversea delivery and many other related industries abroad.

Opportunities Abound — Meeting The Needs Of China’s Booming E-Commerce Market